Who will be shooting my wedding?

When you hire LAMVP you get LAMVP! It doesn't matter if you book us three years in advance or three days in advance, you are going to see us on your wedding day. Many other companies outsource their jobs to keep their cost down and you are left with individuals that have little experience.

How many people will be there?

That depends on what package you decide to book. Either way your 2nd camera operator will have extensive experience.

What questions do you ask during the Love Story?

Love Story is one of our favorites, we create a story for you to share with your guests at your wedding. It gives us the opportunity to get to know the couple on such an intimate level! We don't have scripted questions, we try to tell your story, with your words. Trust us, it will be painless and fun! We won't ask anything too tough. The Love Story can be shown at your dinner rehearsal or wedding reception.

How do we book LAMVP?

After you decide to use our services, a 50% deposit is due upon booking and we will reserve that day just for you! The remaining amount due is closer to your day. Feel free to email us about available dates and prices.

Why don't you guys take still pictures?

We have always focused on video. We focus 100% on capturing your day and creating a memorable DVD to share with your child and grandchildren. We feel that you should hire a vendor that specializes in their field. We have great recommendations for photographers, who are amazing!

Do you get along with photographers?

Oh yes! We love our photographer counterparts and do what ever we can to co-exist in the background of your wedding day. We have a 'documentary style' approach to capturing your day. There will be very little 'directing and posing' for us! We try not to be seen or heard.

What do I get in the end?

Your final product will be edited on dvds and delivered in a beautiful leather album. The digital files are full quality, the best it gets and you don't have to worry about them fading over time.

Why do some companies call them films and you guys don't?

Long films, short films, highlight films, feature films…they are all the same. The term film has become popular with photographers because they think 'video' is a negative term. We don't, we've been producing videos for a long time. Sometimes we even accidentally say videotape! It's all just buzzword lingo, pay attention to who tells the best story and has the highest quality! LAMVP!!